Ethiopia and South Sudan to strengthen diplomatic ties

(Parliamentary News):- April 21, 2021 Honorable Dr. Negeri Lencho, Chairperson of the Foreign and Peace Affairs Standing Committee of the House of Peoples' Representatives, held talks with Ambassador of South Sudan to Ethiopia, H.E. James P. Morgan, on strengthening diplomatic ties between the two countries.

Getting the Ambassador at his office, Honorable Negeri Lencho said Ethiopia would like to focus on South Sudan in the areas of trade, economy, infrastructure, investment and security to enhance the good relations between the two countries.

He also said that the two countries should work together to further enhance public-to-public relations to reduce and deter crime.

He said Ethiopia is constructing the Grand Renaissance Dam without harming the Nile Basin countries and is trying to exercise its natural rights. He added that Ethiopia is ready to resolve both Sudan and Egypt’s grievances through peaceful negotiations.

Dr. Negeri said the power generated after the construction of the GRD is of great benefit to East Africa and the dam is expected to provide electricity to rural areas of Ethiopia and South Sudan.

He added that Ethiopian government is making every effort to resolve the border dispute between Sudan and Ethiopia, including the GRD through peaceful negotiations.

Honorable Werdofa Bekele, a member of the Standing Committee on his part said the GRD will not endanger the existence of Sudan or Egypt and the benefits are significant. He added that Ethiopia and South Sudan should further enhance their comprehensive relations.

South Sudan's Ambassador to Ethiopia H.E. James P. Morgan, on his part said Sudan and Ethiopia have had good relations since ancient times. He recalled, for example, that Sudan was on Ethiopia's side during the Italian invasion of Ethiopia.

He recalled that when South Sudan was established as a new country in 2011, Ethiopia supported the peace process. Ambassador James said Ethiopia is still supporting South Sudanese students by providing scholarships and security force training.

He said South Sudan is issuing ID cards to Ethiopians to jointly prevent crime and ensure lasting peace along the border.

Ambassador James stressed the need for Sudan and Egypt to resolve their differences over the GRD through mediation by the African Union and for Ethiopia to be ready for the talks.

By Yared Eshetu