“Road construction projects should efficiently managed on time” Honorable Speaker Tagesse Chaffo

(Parliamentary News) April 29, 2021 Addis Ababa:- Honorable Speaker Tagesse Chaffo stressed, stakeholders should collaborate to utilize the country's limited resources, build roads, complete road projects on time and respond to the people's demand.

He made the remarks during a meeting with Ethiopian Roads Authority, The Federal Integrated Infrastructure Development Coordinating Agency (FIIDCA), Federal and regional state officials and stakeholders, which planned by the House of Peoples' Representatives Standing Committee on Urban Development, Construction and Transport.

He added that the challenges of the road project constrictions are known and regional leaders should go to their respective states to unravel the problems in the short term.

He urged the Urban Development, Construction and Transport Affairs Standing Committee to work out a plan to solve the problems faced by road projects in the medium term. He said the House will provide various support to the Standing Committee.

According to Honorable Tagesse Chaffo, Ethiopian Roads Authority and Federal Integrated Infrastructure Coordination Agency should address problems with urban development and finance ministries; they can prepare and submit draft laws to the House to amend the existing proclamations that do not apply to the sector, standard is required for compensation program, The Ministry of Finance should not pay for the design of road projects without the approval of the Planning Commission, Holding road project officials accountable at all levels to solved in the medium terms.

The Standing Committee Chairperson, Ashenafi Gaemi, on his part said the forum was prepared due to the fact that the road projects could not be adjusted on feedback and recommendation. He said if the federal government and the regional states do not work together on road project constrictions; it will not be possible to solve the problem. He stressed the need to develop professional associations and work on road projects.

The Deputy Director General of the Federal Integrated Infrastructure Coordination Agency, Saada Kedir, on her part said that road projects will cause political, social and economic crisis if not implemented properly. She stressed the need to work resolutely in accordance with the proclamation and the regulations.

The Director General of the Ethiopian Roads Authority, Engineer Habtamu Tegeng, on his part said it is a serious crisis not only as an institution but as a country and should be resolved soon. He urged the House to provide guidance on how road projects will be handled as the challenge of demarcation is suspending projects.

By Yared Eshetu