Addis Abeba, January 13/2021(HOPR):- Members of the House of Peoples' Representatives Standing Committee on Law, Justice and Democracy said that defamation of the media should be addressed in the criminal law. Members of the standing committee made the call during a discussion with professionals and on the draft media proclamation.

The draft proclamation stipulates that defamation by the media is governed by the Civil Code. Members stressed that defamation in the media could lead to a worsening crisis in our country if it is not covered by the criminal law, and urged the article to be reconsidered.

Federal Attorney General Gideon Timothewos (Phd) explained the importance and essence of the draft proclamation. Explain that in the current context of the country, defamation in the media is only seen in civil law, except for ethnic and national slander.

Beyond the media outlet ban and block, defamation in the media, Gideon (Phd) explained that the fine for Compensation for psychological damage is 300,000 birr, not including material damage.

The Attorney General also said that the articles of the draft proclamation that need to be amended and point out by members of the standing committee will be considered.

By Yared Eshetu