House endorses ten years road-map of State Strategy

(Parliament News): March 24, 2021; Addis Ababa: The House of Peoples’ Representatives of the FDRE unanimously endorsed the holistic, integral ten years State Strategy road-map devised by the incumbent Ethiopian govt and exhaustively dealt by the concerned bodies within the state, including the legislature.

The 5th Parliament, in its 11th plenary session of the 6th year’s tenure, came to the endorsement of the Strategy, after conducting a deliberative meeting with His excellence, Abiy Ahmed (PhD); PM of the FDRE. As usual, the meeting was presided over by Honourable Tagesse Chaffo, Speaker of the House.

During then, MPs raised questions and concerns regarding the escalating inflation and other economic issues of the nation to the Premier. Among these were the why questions on ‘non-economic,’ intentional inputs of merchants, regarding the edible and non-edible commodities and grain stuffs. For instance; MPs mentioned the case of edible oil, cement, teff, onions, the balance between import-export exchanges and even the financial sabotage in the economic sector.

The ten year’s road-map to prosperity, as the Premier said; is based on the actual performance of the last three years since the beginning of the Ethiopian reform. “The home grown economic strategy of the last three years aimed at minimizing the foreign loan and credit. Improving agro-industry, sugar production, etc. was the next step in coming-up. Upgrading export quality and enlarging the volume was the third focus. And de-escalating inflation was also part of the efforts of the trio” the Premier recalled.

The Premier admitted the inflation aspects in the economy and elaborated the reasons. As to him, the global inflation on edible and non-edible commodities including petroleum influenced the country’s economy. Yet, he said; the govt is taking every legal measure on those merchants pouring the inflammable on the already set fire.

The nation, being challenged by the #Covid-19 pandemic and recurrent conflicts, along with the locust swarm and torrential erosion, managed to register a 6.1 percent of GDP growth in the last fiscal year, he disclosed. Ethiopia’s GDP surpassed 100 Billion USD for the first time. The undeniable thing is, remittance declined. The road-map is based on such and other plentiful economic achievements, as to Dr Abiy.

He indicated, the prosperity road-map is planned with aspiration, ambition and the certainty for anticipation. It could be revised as per the need, along the way to the goal, he pronounced. “Ethiopia will be an example of prosperity for Africa at the end of the anticipated decade and to the world, after three consecutive decades; if the Ethiopians cooperate for implementation of the seemingly ambitious strategic plan,” the Premier said.

Market-led economy is the major theme of the strategy, as to the Dr. In order to do so, he is thinking of healing huge macro-economic fractures. Agriculture, tourism, ICT and the like are the sectors where the strategy pays due regards.

MPs also met the Premier with their demanding and deliberative questions regarding the security and administration issues. They mentioned ethnocentric conflicts across the nation and asked time element when such violence will cease. Other administrative issues were raised to be part of the 2nd phase of the session.

The Premier made strict call for every citizen, group and ethnicities to focus on solidarity rather than the divisive issues. Any assault, inflicted on any one from any ethnic background, is an obvious damage to the rest of the nation, he elaborated.

On the other hand, the Premier underscored; whether the already concluded war conflict with TPLF or the guerrilla offenses launched by the so-called OLF’s wing known as Shennie on the civilians of the country are of no use to the peace and stability of the nation. Rather he pointed; standing together for the greater good of the nation is the choice-less choice.

The boundary related conflicts among regions, zonal and wereda administrations would be settled along the way, as per the rule of law; Dr Abiy elucidated. Ethiopia also has some territorial appropriateness conflicts with some neighbouring countries, which still shall be settled as per the rule of law, the Premier explained.

Regarding the upcoming national election, he said; it is an imminent national interest of the nation. The country must exercise the true power from ballot, which will take place soon, after some months. Any party or person must seize the executive power of the nation through free, fair, democratic and conspicuous election, the Premier stressed.

The water filling phase of the GERD in 2021’s summer will occur as the plan set for it, the Premier ascertained. Ethiopia’s intention is simply using 5 percent of the rain water carried by the river Abbay, which becomes river Nile at Khartoum and contributes more than 85 percent of the water content that flows to Cairo, he said. Ethiopia shall never be deprived of her rights of using rain water filler and the natural resource that originates from her womb, the Premier stated.

   By Asrat Addisu