(Parliament News): Jan 21, 2021; Addis Ababa: The House of Peoples’ Representatives of the FDRE expressed its deep concerns for race-based assaults at Metekel of Benishangul Gumuz Region mainly and the similar inhumane offenses elsewhere, today; in its 8th regular session of the 6th incumbency.

The House, among eleven agendas that it focused on in the session, paid due attention to the continued homicides and displacements inflicted by and only by the fellow country-men against the fellow country-men, because of the racial complexities.

The focus to the case followed the report and resolution presented by the Chair-men of the Foreign Relations and Peace Affairs Standing Committee and the Legal, Justice and Democracy Affairs Standing Committee. Honourable Negerri Lencho, (PhD); Chair-man of the earlier Committee, brought forward the five pages presentation, upon which, the subsequent discussion was based.

The report identified three points that centre the whole phenomena. Accordingly, the atrocious murders, physical damages, displacements and property destructions occur based-upon the ethnic identities of targeted people. The other reason behind the perpetuation of the unprecedented criminal activities is, as to the report; the momentum that results from political powers of hidden interests, which, knowingly or unknowingly mobilizes a portion of the society upon the other one. And of course, the intent to despise the efforts of government to stabilize the nation, the report indicated.

The resolution part of the presentation discussed six decisions that the two Standing Committees considered as the best, timely solutions for what is going on the ground. They prioritize awakening and raising awareness of the society that it’s needless to inflict any damage upon the fellow country-men. It also considers the short and long range law enforcement measures that the executive wing of the nation shall consider to pacify each and every pocket of the country, including the Metekel Zone.

MPs raised various questions like, why is the concerned body reluctant to implement strict law enforcement steps upon the incumbent regional administrative head of the Benishangul Gumuz. The response was, the responsible bodies will deal with it when the exact evidence is grasped about the involvement of the political figures. MPs also forwarded opinions to be considered as part of the resolution. For instance; supplying the target ethnic groups with self defence weapons is an immediate solution. This also rejected because it’s the govt’s responsibility, as to the presenters of the report and resolution.    

Apart from these, the House endorsed the Board Nominees for ENA, presented by the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, (PhD). It also ratified other several proclamations as per the Agenda of the day. As usual, it didn’t forget to unanimously accept the minute of the 7th regular session of the House, after scrutinizing it.