January 18, 2021 (HOPR) Members of the Foreign and Peace Affairs Standing Committee of the House of Peoples' Representatives of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) discussed with members of the FDRE Air Force and civil servants on institutional performance.

MPs recently conducted a field visit to the Ministry of Defense facilities in Bishoftu town, Oromia State and conversations were held with all departments in the Air Force. The discussion was attended by trainees from the academic to the pilots, and civil servants of the institute.

The members of the group who participated in this field observation explained the importance and content of the discussion to the panelists. The keynote speaker was honorable Tamre Dutiso. He said that since the reform in our country, there has been an unusual way of identifying problems and encouraging good experiences by talking to workers in different departments. Honorable Mrs. Etsegenet Mehrete and Honorable Priest Addis Kebede for their part; have made similar keynotes.

At the Air Force Academy, ICT student Fekadu Kassa says he has good teachers, no living problems and is happy with the institution competence. However, due to internet outages, he asked to be corrected. A computer science student, Asmare Eshetu, shares this view. Other students also mentioned that they needed to have the necessary books in the library and that they would like to take the COC test. 

Experts in the field of aviation and helicopter transport, who met with members of the public at the forum, also exchanged views. During this time, Major Mesfin Bogale of the Air Transport; He called for attention to be paid to the country's citizens and manpower. From the same class, Captain Tamiru Shiferaw: He says the military and the parliament are one and the same in solidarity to the people. The head of transport helicopter repair, Capitan Andenet Birhanu said "If Ethiopia works forever, the army will need eternal protection," he said.

Colonel Biruk Seifu, a flight instructor with the FDRE Air Force, has called for a payroll and benefit adjustment for pilots who work day and night to protect the country's airspace. Flight instructor Biruk Beshah, for his part; He urged the flight attendants to get adequate medical care. Jet Flight Expert Binyam Getachew, who said that the apostates who were carrying out the TPLF's activities in the Air Force had done a lot of harm to them, said that the Air Force pilots were ready to pay any price to protect their country's airspace.

Mesfin G. Medhin, a human resources expert who says he has served in the Air Force for many years; Due to their obligations to the military, civil servants are often referred to as “almost an army.” Ms. Genet Tadesse, who works in the same profession, reinforces this idea: She said she was on equal footing with the army during her visit to Sudan. However, civil liaison officer Girma Abdi said the payroll growth that has stalled since 2003 for unknown reasons should be considered.

The FDRE House of Representatives gathered these and many other questions, comments and complaints and discussed them directly with the FDRE Air Force commanders and management. They also gave initial verbal feedback during their discussion: It is also expected that soon organized written feedback will be provided. In addition, According to Honorable Petros Woldesenbet, the team coordinator, they will discuss with the Ministry of Defense based on the information gathered.

The FDRE Air Force warmly welcomed the members of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Peace Affairs.

Members of the air force also toured the newly modernized FDRE Air Force from the front door and all work units and questions were answered by experts from the institute.

By Yred Eshetu