(Parliament News): Jan 22, 2021; Addis Ababa: The Standing Committee on Public Expenditure Management and Control of the House of Peoples' Representatives, in a recent field visit to Jimma University, urged the university to immediately rectify the findings of the audit findings of the Federal Auditor General.

The Standing Committee's Finance Sector Sub-Chairperson, Honorable Sofia Almamun, said the university should take the audit findings of the Federal Auditor General as input and work hard for the future. She said the university should improve its accounting system, recognizing that payments made for non-compliant financial services for the hospitality and medicine costs of the specialized hospital are public funds.

The members of the Standing Committee, for their part, said that the audit found that the university had an undisclosed amount of 32 million birr in the audit accounts at the end of the budget year. They said the university needs to work closely with relevant stakeholders to rectify the audit findings as soon as possible.

Federal Auditor General Gemechu Dubiso, for his part, said university officials should be aware that failure to follow the financial system will result in legal liability. He stressed the need for the university to overcome its current audit performance and adhere to proper accounting practices.

Jimma University President Jamal Abafita (Phd), for his part, said many audit findings are glitches that have not been resolved for years. He said most of the audit findings are being addressed and that they will continue to work hard to solve the rest.

By Yared Eshetu