null Business Advisory Committee


1/ The Business Advisory Committee shall be composed of the Speaker, the Deputy Speaker, the party whips and the representatives of the groups of the House delegated according to the proportion of their seats, and shall be presided over by the Speaker.

2/ The Business Advisory Committee shall, after consultation by party whips, be formed on every office term of the House and the number of its members shall be determined by the House pursuant to sub-article (1) of this Article.

Powers and Functions

The Business Advisory Committee shall have the following powers and functions:

1/ to formulate the business to be discussed by the House in accordance with Article 32 of this Regulation;

2/ to allocate the debate time necessary for each item on the agenda in accordance with Article 34 of this Regulation;

3/ to prepare the draft annual budget of the House and submit same to the House;

4/ to oversight and control the administration of this manpower, finance and property of the House; where it deems it necessary, it shall set out directions for measures to be taken through the Speaker;

5/ to propose a draft amendment on this Regulation which it believes necessary;

6/ to interpret this Regulation pursuant to the principles provided under Article 3 of this Regulation;

7/ to issue directive or manual which helps the implementation of this Regulation;

8/ to give advisory service on the matters of the House when asked by the Speaker;

9/ to submit to the House annual report regarding its activities;

10/ to perform other functions assigned to it by the Speaker.

Sitting Time and Decision Making Procedure

1/ The Business Advisory Committee shall hold its sitting every week on Friday provided, however, that the Speaker may, where necessary, convene a sitting at any time.

2/ any member of the Business Advisory Committee may request the Speaker in writing to convene an urgent sitting.

The Speaker may convene such a sitting when he considers it necessary.

3/ The decision of the Business Advisory Committee shall be determined by majority vote.

4/ Notwithstanding the provision of sub-article (3) of this Article, the Business Advisory Committee shall decide by consensus on the formulation of daily agendas and allocation of time in accordance with Article 32(3) and Article 34(1) of this Regulation.