Government Whip Directorate, Director

Mr. Ephrem Wubet Lema

  • Government Whip Directorate, Director
  • Telephone: +251-1 11 23 99 74
  • Mobile: +251- 911344474
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  1. Personal Back ground

Full Name:Ephrem Wubet Lemma

  • Male

Date Of Birth:Apri 27th,1984G.C

Place Of Birth :ADDIS Ababa

Marital Status:Married

Address Tel :0911344474

  1. Educational Back ground

LLB degree in law, Masters in human Rights From A.A.U

    • Legal   reform Training-   India
    • Leader ship skill training - Joptc A.A
    • Justice mapping and need assessment- Joptc  A.A
    • Balance score card /JSC/ - management Institute A.A
    •  TOT  On interactive  Adult  training method and aids-  FJOPTC
    • TOT on Trafficking  person – A.A
    • Human right training on UPR -ECA
    • Prosecution training - MOJ
    • Political Atari course  East Africa Stand by force-Rwanda
    • Legislative training   - NIMD         
    •  Legislative training-  Turkey Justice training center
    • Leadership training Leadership point man  
  • Capacity Building Session-Korea
  • BPR Training -MOND- Addis Ababa
  • Introduction to computer/Windows,word,Excel,Access and power point/
  • Training on Alternative Dispute Resolution - MOJ-Addis Ababa

IV. Professional Background

  1. Hop Secretarial (Gnbot.1,1998 up to now

. Chief whips Directorate Director.

  1. Federal Justice Organ Professionals Training Center( Tahesase 1,2007-up to miazia 30,2008 E.C.
  • Training Directorate Director

Major tasks:-Apart from leading and coordinating the department, I have participating in formulating Strategic planning/BSC/ of the center, developing various manuals, and becoming highly involved in the change process of the center.

  1. Ministry of National Defense;(Tikimt 28,1998-hidar 30, 2007 )E.C
  • Team leader Legal Training and IT-From hamle 01,2005 E.C –hidar 30,2007
  • Team leader-Crime Prevention –From Tir 25,2004-Sene 30,2005
  • Senior Legal Expert – From megabit 01,2001-Tir 24, 2004
  • Litigation Coordinator-From meskerem 25,19999-yekatit 30,2001

Major tasks-Apart from leading and coordinating the team,I have participated in BPR-Militery justice reform ,preparing training materials, manuals and providing trainings.

  1. Ethiopian Electric power corporation; (Thaesas 1994-Tikimt 1998)

Advocate -                     From sene 01,1996-Tikimt 27.1998 E.C

Junior Advocate -From hamle 16,1994-Ginbot 30,1996 E.C

Lawyer (On Contract bases) – From thasas 19,1994-hamle 15,1994 E.C

  1. Teaching – I have given  the following courses and trainings (at various Times)
    1. Courses :-

Constitution and Federalism- Ethiopian Defense Staff College

Human Rights- Ethiopian Defense Staff College

  1. Training: -

I have given the following course

Secularism- for staffs of the JOPTC

Criminal Law for Military Judges and prosecutors

Human Rights- For Military Police

Crime preventions – For Military crime investigators

Good Governance- For different Military Officers

    2. Other Accomplishments

  • Participate in Disciplinary, HR, Purchasing committee at EEPCO;
  • BPR study and implementation Committee at EEPCO;
  • Participate in BPR study and Implementation Committee at MOND;
  • Participate in military justice reform committee at MOND;
  • Participate in  military Legal document preparation committee;
  • Participate in  protocol management system study committee;
  • Assigned as Arbitration committee;
  • Participate in   organizing  Military Policy and justice committee;
  • Participate in   publication of legal issues in wegagen newspaper(MOND), and others
  • Leading curriculum development committee in

   3. References

  1. Milion Assefa, JOPTC   General Director.
  2. Birgadal General Askale Berhane,Main Director of Legal Directorate at MOND- TEL 0911248282
  3. Colonel kiduAlemu, Director Legal advisor and Litigation at MOND- TEL 0911121794
  4. Ato moges Belachew, Regional Director at EEPCO
  5. Mohammed Ahmed Endris-JOPTC-Deputy-G/Director 0911174905
  6. Alem G/Meskel-JOPTC-Deputy-G/Director 0911683068