House of Peoples’ Representatives of the FDRE is the highest authority of the Federal Government established by peoples’ representatives who received the consent of the public in the national election held every five years. The House, for more than two decades has practiced parliamentarydemocracy and as it is vested with constitutional powers and functions, it enacts laws, oversees the executive organs, carries out public representation duties and also conducts parliamentary diplomacy. It approves bills and passes resolutions for proper implementation of government policies, programs and strategies, and ensures equitable distribution of resources among citizens from the fruits of development.

The House has increasingly exhibited a consolidated oversight and over executive organs’ plans and performance reports along with provision of support and feedback in order that best practices to be fostered ever greater and weakness to be put right for effective implementation of government development policies.

As a higher democratic institution, the House works very close with its right wing democratic institutions for growth of democratic culture, good governance and human rights protection and it is believed that it has played its role with a sense of public responsibility to wither the rent seeking political economy and instead to be replaced by democratic development mentality.

In parliamentary diplomacy, the House conducts bilateral and multilateral relations which centered to the state foreign policy priorities; it is engaged on its part to support the economic diplomacy, elevate national image and boost the conference tourism.

However, it is understandable that in terms of public engagement and outreach, the House lacks proper operation to share parliamentary   information to the public at large and invites the public views on the wide range of the House’s works and process. Hence, in the subsequent period, it is given due attention to widely engage the public with works of the House and hence to contribute its part for the growth parliamentary democracy in the country.

Currently, the government has been giving fundamentally comprehensive political solutions  in response to the recent  political instability broke out across the nation wide as the government by the time failed to give swift answer to the quest of the peoples to end well surfaced sabotage and bad governance in the country. The political solutions which are being put in place by the government have exhibited a promising future to widen the political landscape towards substantiated democratic system and ever greater national consensus and hence to   sustain our renaissance journey.

 Lastly, it is with a sense of profound confident and strong sprit while I convey my heartfelt message to all citizens of the country in all walks of life to contribute their part that the progressive political development shall not be reversed for bad; also, I call upon MPs of the House and democratic institutions to discharge your responsibility than ever.

I thank you.