Hon. Muferihat Kamil Ahmed

Hon. Muferihat Kamil Ahmed


  • Phon.No: 251-11-1-24 10 13/06
  • Fax.No: 251-11-1-24 10 09/42
  • E-Mail: officeofthespeaker@yahoo.com
  • P.B. 8001

She is born in Jimma Town, Oromiya Regional State on 1972 and she is married and a mother of three.

Educational Background

  • October 2012, Masters of Art in Transformational Leadership and change Management, From Greenwich University.
  • August 2000G.C BSC in Agricultural Ext. From Haremaya University.
  • September 1993G.C – June 1997 G.C attended High school, at Jimma comprehensive secondary school.
  • September 1985G.C-1992G.C attended Elementary school,at Jimma Hermata elementary school.

 Political and Professional Career Services        

  •  Speaker of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia since April 19, 2018- today.
  • Minister for research and publication In democratic system building organizing center under the prime minister office. Since December 21, 2016 to date.
  • Vice president for Meles Zenawi Leadership Academy under ministerial portfolio since Nov.2016 to Dec 2016
  • Social affairs advisor minster to the Prime Minster Since Oct.2015-Oct.2016
  • Government Assistant Whip State Minister since Sep. 2013 at THE HOUSE OF PEOPLE’S REPRESENTATIVE’S OF FDRE.
  • Standing Committee Chair person for Transport Affairs since Nov. 2011-August 2013 in THE HOUSE OF PEOPLE’S REPRESENTATIVE of FDRE , 
  • Minister for Women’s Affairs since Nov. 2009 –Oct. 2011,
  • Section head for Women, youth and the University mobilization department since July 2008-Nov. 2009 at EPRDF head quarter.
  • Regional community participation and mobilization head, since May 2006 – July 2008 at SEPDM head quarter (Advisor to the Regional president), SNNPRS, Hawasa
  • Regional Women affairs deputy head, from Nov, 2005G.C-April 2006GC, SNNPRS, Hawasa
  • Deputy Head of Zonal Community mobilization and participation department and acting womens’ Affairs head since September 2001G.C – Oct. 2005G.C, SNNPRS Siltite Zone, Worabe.
  • Woreda Cooperatives office Expert from January 2001G.C-August 2001 G.C, SNNPRS Gurage Zone, Abeshge Wereda.

In Addition

  • Board Chairperson of Samara University since FEB2017
  • Board Chairperson of Dilla University since Sep. 2013-Jan 2017
  • Board member of housing and population census council since Dec 2016
  • Board Member of Dilla University since Feb. 2006 – 2013 Aug.
  • Board Member of Ethiopian construction works corporation since October 2015.
  • Board Member of Ethiopian Airport Organization since 2012.
  • Board Member of Ethiopian Broadcast Authority Since Nov.2013-Jan 2017
  • Board Member of Siltie Development Association.