የኤክሳይዝ ታክስ ረቂቅ አዋጅ

Greetings Everyone

I was very happy when I read the new excise tax law which emphasized the health and safety of its citizens above all else.  It is a bill with good intentions but needs refining. Let me explain.

The bill increases taxes on cars based on their age. Which is correct and a good thing. But it is short-sighted as diesel engines are more dangerous and polluting even when new. Not every car is green just because it's new. Diesel exhaust is proven to be Group 1 carcinogen as it causes lung cancer and is associated with bladder cancer. Diesel cars are being banned old/new from the populated city centers of many countries like the USA, India, Germany and many more. It causes lung disease because it releases harmful chemicals like nitrous oxide at much higher concentrations. They are known for their thick dark smoke here. emoticon

From what other countries do here are the solutions I suggest. First: Increase tax on small family cars with a diesel engine new or old. Like diesel models of Camry, Corolla,.. with engine sizes of 2.0L or more but don't increase the tax on public transport cars and goods/loads transport vehicles like Hilux, Isuzu, Ivecos ... as they have no other better alternatives yet. For these cars you should prepare emission standards or else the manufacturers will make substandard vehicles to save on cost. The manufacturers are cheaters look at VW and their diesel emission scandal. Second: Decrease tax on electric vehicles like what you did to cars below 1300 cc engine. Electric cars have no smoke, don't need an oil change, need little to no repair. Electric cars also have low operating costs over their lifetime. So the country saves on forex while citizens are kept healthy.

Let's be frank. Not even petrol (Benzine) cars are angels. They pollute as they are burning hydrocarbons. So the most sensible way is electric cars. Even the UK is banning ICE cars by 2035. That is just 15 years away! If you made it this far reading, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Further links below for clarification. Goodbye. - Why Dozens Of German Cities Are About To Ban Diesel Cars