Ethiopia to strengthen ties with Kenya

(Parliamentary News) June 6, 2021 Addis Ababa:- Representative of the Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Foreign Relations and Peace in the House of Peoples' Representatives of the FDRE met with the Standing Committee on Defense and Foreign Affairs of the Kenyan Parliament.

Honorable Petros Woldesenbet, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Defense sub Committee and representative of the Standing Committee said Ethiopia will continue to strengthen its political, economic and social relations with Kenya.

He lauded Kenya's commitment to work with Ethiopia on economic, scientific and technological, social and regional security issues to safeguard bilateral relations and national interests.

He said Ethiopians will work closely with Kenyans in a spirit of brotherhood to further enhance public-to-public relations between the two countries.

He said strengthening ties between the two countries in the areas of culture, language, trade, agriculture and tourism will play a significant role in regional peace and stability.

The Standing Committee member Honorable Tekle Tesema, for his part, told the delegation that Ethiopia is working tirelessly to resolve the dispute over Sudan boarder and the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam through dialogue and diplomacy. He told the delegation that Ethiopia is open to all peace possibilities in the future.

Honorable Hordofa Bekele, a member of the committee, said the construction of cross-border infrastructure has a significant role to play in strengthening and facilitating people-to-people and economic ties between the two countries.

The head of the Kenyan delegation, Honorable Dido Raso Ali, said parliamentary relations between the two countries have played an important role in strengthening regional peace and occasional cross-border conflicts. He told the Standing Committee that his country is committed to working closely with Ethiopia to improve the communication system and strengthen their cooperation.

The two sides discussed ways to strengthen regional peace and to resolve occasional cross-border conflicts. Representatives of the two countries said they will continue to strengthen their cooperation to improve the communication system.

By Yared Eshetu