The agency had not collected1.1 billion birr of pension contribution

(Parliamentary News) June 1, 2021 Addis Ababa; The House of Peoples 'Representatives' Standing Committee on Human Resources and Technology said the Civil Service Agency should address complaints from retirees.

The Chairperson of the Standing Committee, Honarable Emye Bitew, made the remarks while reviewing the performance of the Agency's nine-month plan. She said the agency should respond to pensioners' complaints, especially in connection with delays.

Among the issues that the agency has been working on to address the shortage of manpower and provide capacity building training to new employees are amid the good performance of the Agency.

She stated that the pension arrears that had to be made to the agency were not made. She also said that the agency's proclamation and regulation should be approved to solve the complex problems that are looming.

Director General of the Agency, Daba Araya, on his part, acknowledged the problems stated by the standing committee and efforts are being made to solve the problems from the federal to the state level.

He said the agency has been able to handle payments to 187,000 retirees through banks.

 By Yared Eshetu