Honorable Tagesse Chafo received US Senator James Inhofe

(Parlamentary News) June 1, 2021 Addis Ababa: - The Speaker of the House of Peoples' Representatives of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, , received the US Senator at his office.

Honorable Speaker Tagesse Chafo held talks with US Senator James Inhofe on regional and national issues.

During the discussion, Speaker Tagesse briefed on the current status of the Renaissance Dam, law enforcement, access to humanitarian assistance, and the ongoing border dispute with Sudan.

He said Ethiopia is preparing to complete the second round filling of the Renaissance Dam, adding that it will be done in a way that does not affect the interests of the riparian countries.

He said efforts are being made to solve the problems related to law enforcement step by step, adding that support is also being provided to those in need of humanitarian assistance.

He added that Ethiopia is ready to resolve the ongoing border disputes peacefully.

Senator James Inhofe said he was satisfied with warm welcome given to him and the explanation gave him an understanding of the ongoing situation in Ethiopia.

He reaffirmed his commitment to support Ethiopia in all its endeavors.

By Yared Eshetu