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Employees of the Secretariat of the House of Peoples’ urged to play their own role in maintaining national peace and citizens’ security

The employees of the secretariat held discussion upon the current national issue, which was led by higher leadership members of the House. The employees have been urged to find   accurate information about the current national issue and impart to others as well; also abide by law and play their part in law enforcement process.

Hon. Mr. Amanual Abreham, who is a Deputy Government Whip, state minister of House of Peoples’ Representatives, stated that having drawn a lesson from defects occurred in the previous state of emergence, adequate preparation has been made to avoid any sort of inhuman treatment.

Employees of the secretariat, on their part expressed that the declaration of state of emergence is deemed to be fundamentally necessary to bring a tentative solution for the current problems. They underlined not to give room for ethnic based hatred and attack which are in contrary to our long standing norms. They noted that it is the responsibility of every segments of the society to foster our long aged harmony and culture of solidarity and pledged to play their own role.

Hon. Deputy Speaker, Mrs. Shitaye Minale, on her part called upon every citizen of the country to be a guardian of peace noting that ‘’ we feel the importance of peace when we loss it; in the absence of peace, massive infrastructures that had been  built over the  years  shall be demolished in a day.’’  The Deputy Speaker urged the employees of the secretariat to understand the very purpose of the state of emergence and tell to others as well, also collaborate for proper implementation, being infatuated and misled not by deceptive information diffused by of anti-peace forces; on top of that to use any possible means to preach peace, she added.