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Hon. Deputy Speaker Mrs. Shitaye Minale Meets a Delegation from Sudanese Women Parliamentarian Caucus

Deputy Speaker, Hon. Mrs. Shitaye Minale, explained to the delegation that the Ethiopian women participation in the national political leadership and  their social and economic advantages have been increasing from time to time. Women MPs constitute 38% in the federal parliaments which is considered to be a greater achievement as compared in Africa, she noted.

Leader of the delegation, Dr.Wafa Machey Ahmed Ali, on her part said that women participation in Sudanese National Assembly reached 30% and she expressed the need to work with Ethiopian women parliamentarian Caucus in order to boost up their political leadership competence, she added.

The two sides talked about to play their own role in strengthening the two countries’ bilateral ties and hence to secure peace in the region and ensuring for common prosperity.

Members of the delegation expressed their high regard over the construction of the Grand Renaissance Dam and told their interest to visit the project as well.

Deputy Speaker, Hon. Mrs. Shitaye Minale, noted members of the delegation that the Dam will be elevating the two countries economic ties ever greater.