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Irish government to support Ethiopian parliament detailed reform program.

Irish government to support Ethiopian parliament detailed reform program.

July 10, 2019, Speaker of the House of Peoples' Representatives of the FDRE, Hon. Mr. Tagesse Chafo meets Irish Ambassador to Ethiopia, Sonya Hyland. 

The   two sides inked a memorandum of understanding as Irish government expressed its first readiness to support Ethiopian parliamentary reforms and   the nation democratization process in general.

Sonya Hyland met Mr. Tagesse, and discussed upon Ethiopian parliament reform process to which the House has called upon the international community and various governments to support its parliamentary reform agendas in financial and technical assistance amid the State political and economic reforms.

On his discussion with Ambassador Sonya Hyland, the Speaker noted that, the House of Peoples' Representatives has prepared a parliamentary reform program following the national economic and political reforms put in place so far.  The Reform program was studied by a team composed of MPs of the House, experts from universities and other institutions. Besides, the reform document has been lodged to the standing committees of the House to be further developed. Also, an action plan has been outlined to implement the reform program, according to the Speaker.

The reform program is purposed to introduce new modern parliamentary operation and wider public engagement in the major functions of the House such as legislative, oversight and representation, he added.

The Speaker told that the Irish government is the first state to express its readiness to support Ethiopian parliament reform program and of the countries willing to provide technical and financial   assistance to the House.

Irish Ambassador to Ethiopia, Sonya Hyland, on her part expressed that, Irish government signed an agreement to support Ethiopian parliament quick detailed reform plan. The support is part and parcel of various government willingness to support the House as political and economic reforms are under way in the country, she added. The Irish government support to Ethiopian parliament is mainly focused to build strong national parliament in Ethiopia which is fully capacitated and effective in oversight and legislative process. Also, to support Ethiopian peoples and government for growth of democratic culture and rule of law in the Country, according to the Ambassador.