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Committee urges the Ministry of Culture and Tourism

The House of Peoples’ Representatives of the FDRE, on its 11th regular session, held on January 9, 2018, heard the 6 month performance report of the ministry for   the year 2010 E.C.

Dr. Hirut G/ Mariam, minister of culture and tourism, on her report to the House explained that according to the plan set in the budget year, activities  has been undertaken  to preserve  and  repair 10 national heritages against natural disaster, as a result of  becoming older and man made threats.

Cradle of mankind museum construction  which was built   in collaboration with European Union cultural development   project  completed and  handed over  to ministry  purposed for   organizing permanent and temporally exhibition to   raise the wariness of   internal and external visitors about  the country’s history and culture, she added.

In collaboration with federal police and revenue and custom authority, 100 Berrana books (antique religious manuscript) and about 200 ethnographic and historical heritages have been collected from the hands of illegal individuals and placed at   the national heritage collection center.

Dr. Hirut G/ Mariam, on her report told that the number of tourists coming to the country increasing from time to time and  during the last 6 months, 485806 foreign  visitors visited the country and by which 1,818,857 664  USA dollar earned from the sector.

Members of the House raised the questions related to the proper preservation of the national heritages and the efforts made to tackle problems of good governance. The minister while addressing the questions described that the endangered cultural heritages including the Lalibela rock hewn church have been repaired as per of their problems identified by experts. However, there is still a limitation to identify and overcome the internal and external good governance problems even so attempts made by far.

Ambassador Mesfin Chrient, who is chairperson of Culture, Tourism and Mass Media Affairs standing committee, while addressing the remark upon the ministry report noted that the ministry has exhibited a better performance in carryout promotional activities to attract much more of tourists to the country on local and oversee Media.

On the other hand, the standing committee noted, that the ministry has a limitation in terms of solving problems related to good governance and also urged the ministry to take greater efforts upon the attention seeking heritages of the country.