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The Tasks Portlet

The Tasks system allows you and your team members to keep track of different tasks that you’re working on. Tasks related to specific projects can be tagged as such and you can use the Filter button at the top right corner of the portlet to filter tasks by tag or by site. Use the Add Task button at the top left to create new tasks. You can enter a description of the task, choose an assignee from your contacts (or assign to yourself), select a priority, and, optionally, enter a due date. It’s also helpful, especially when there are large numbers of tasks, to tag your tasks. To resolve a task, select it, then click the Resolve button. A notification that the task has been resolved is sent to the creator of the task. By default, only unresolved tasks will appear in the Tasks portlet. Click the checkbox next to Show Completed Tasks to view all tasks, regardless of the resolution status. The Permissions button at the top left of the Tasks portlet lets you choose which roles grant permission to add new tasks or to edit existing ones. This button only appears if you have permission to set permissions for tasks.