How to Send Prospectus/Suggestion for the House How to Send Prospectus/Suggestion for the House

What is a Prospectus?

Prospectus is simply giving information. The House of Peoples Representatives has set strategies of collecting information from different stakeholders in order to enable it to exert its powers of control and supervision. This document is prepared to...

Vision, Mission, Values Vision, Mission, Values


House envisions being an exemplary institution in Africa through advanced multi-party parliamentary democracy practice by the year, 2023.


  • Legislating laws that contribute to the democratic system building, thrive of good governance and peace, and socio-economic development;
  • Monitoring and supervising the proper implementation of bills enacted by the House, government policies and plans, ensuring allocated resources benefiting the public;
  • Implementing a procedure and a system that helps to consolidate the multi-party parliamentary democracy and ensure just and fair participation in the duties of the House.


  • Obedience to the constitution and the public,
  • Respect the supremacy of law,
  • Tolerance and consensus,
  • Transparency, positive thinking, participatory and accountability,
  • Adherence to efficient and effective work

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Duties of the Parliament Duties of the Parliament

Major Powers and Duties of the House

1/ The House shall have the powers and duties granted to it under Articles 55, Article 70(1), Article 79(4)(c), Article 82(2)(c), Article 101, Article 102, Article 103 and Article 104 of the Constitution and shall include: a) legislating; b) ratifying the federal government budget; c) over sighting and controlling governmental bodies and taking measures where   necessary; d) establishing and organizing different committees and other necessary structures of the House; e) approval or appointment of government officials’; f) facilitating the conditions for members to meet with the electorate in their respective constituencies.

2/ The House shall perform its functions on the basis of the following general principles: a) being guided by short and long term plans; b) creating conducive atmosphere that will help it achieve success in performance; c) pursuing the principles of transparency, accountability and participation; and d) evaluating performance.

3/ The principle stated in sub-article (2) of this Article shall be adopted and applied according to the circumstances for the performance of committee activities in a compatible manner.

Structure of the House

1/ In accordance with Article 45 and Article 50(1) of the Constitution, the Ethiopian government is structured on the basis of the Federal System and has parliamentary form.

2/ In accordance with Article 53 of the Constitution, the Federal Government shall have the House of Peoples’ Representatives and the House of Federation.

3/ In accordance with Article 50(3) of the Constitution the House is the highest authority of the federal government.

4/ The General organizational set-up of the House shall be as follows: a) the General Assembly of the House, b) the Speaker; c) the Deputy Speaker; d) various committees; e) Government Whips; f) Party Whips or Parliamentary Groups; g)     Secretariat; h) Sergeant-at-Arms of the House.

5/ The House shall have its own insignia or logo.

6/ The organization, powers and duties of the Secretariat shall be determined by the relevant law.

History of Ethiopian Parliament History of Ethiopian Parliament

The first Ethiopian parliament was opened in Nov. 3, 1931 after   Emperor Haile Sillassie-I had proclaimed his   first constitution in July, 1931. From this time onwards, parliament as political institution has been established in Ethiopia even so the practice varies across regimes. This text tries to present the nature of parliaments introduced by three Ethiopian governments which ruled over the country.

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