Coordinating Committee Coordinating Committee


1/ The Coordinating Committee of the House shall have the following members:

a) The Speaker;

b) The Deputy Speaker;

c) The chairperson and the deputy chairperson of each standing committee;

d) The Secretary General of the Secretariat;

e) The Government Chief Whip.

2/ The Coordinating Committee shall be presided over by the Speaker.

Powers and Functions

The Coordinating Committee shall have the following powers and functions:

1/ to coordinate the general operation of standing committees and supervise the effectiveness thereof;

2/ to evaluate the general activities of standing committees and set out direct-ions on fundamental matters;

3/ to determine the government bodies, which falls under the oversight and control jurisdiction of each standing committee;

4/ where a new government body is established or where a structural change has taken place, to determine, depending on the nature of the body's activities, the standing committee which will conduct oversight and control over it;

5/ to examine the plans and performance reports of standing committees and take, where necessary, corrective measures;

6/ to coordinate and oversight activities that may build up the national and international image of the House;

7/ to conduct studies regarding the needs of standing committees and conditions whereby they may become effective;

8/ to discuss and decide on the matters submitted to it by the Speaker or standing committees or its members.

Time of Sittings

The coordinating committee shall hold its regular sitting every fifteen days on a time to be determined by the Speaker.