Public Expenditure Standing Committee Public Expenditure Standing Committee

1/ The Public Expenditure Administration and Control Affairs Standing Committee shall oversee and control the appropriate implementation of any budget allocated by the House to the federal government.

2/ The Standing Committee shall examine the report of the Federal Auditor General; in examining the report it shall oversee and control:

a) That the budget was expended for the purpose and service it was intended;

b) That the expenditure was approved by a competent authority;

c) That, in respect of a transfer of budget, it was done in accordance with the finance law.

3/ The Standing Committee shall evaluate the finding of property auditing made by the Federal Auditor General on the order of the House.

4/ where expenditure by any government body exceeds what has been allocated within a fiscal year, the Standing Committee shall have the responsibility to make inquiry in to the reason that necessitated expenditure in excess on the decision of the House; and it may submit report and recommendation to the House, where necessary;

5/ The Standing Committee shall, with respect to audit finding, cause the standing committees which oversee the audited bodies to receive the report.

6/ The Standing Committee shall discuss on audit finding with the standing committee which oversee the audited body.

7/ The Standing Committee may, where necessary, organize public forum concerning audit finding together with the standing committee which oversee the audited body where the problem is repeatedly and widely manifested.

8/ The oversight and control activity of the Standing Committee shall be limited on audit finding.

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