Secretariat - Objective, Powers, and Duties Secretariat - Objective, Powers, and Duties

The objective for which the Secretariat is established shall be to provide professional support and administrative service to the House of Peoples’ Representatives in order to be effectual in its constitutional responsibility.

Powers and Duties of the Secretariat

The Secretariat shall have the powers and duties to:

1/ Provide professional support and...

Organization of the Secretariat Organization of the Secretariat

Organization of the Secretariat_Org

Organization of the Secretariat

1/ The Secretariat shall have:

a) Neutral and professional Secretary General to be appointed by the Speaker in consultation with the chief government whip and chief whip of the main opposition party; 

b) Deputy Secretary General and heads of departments, their numbers to be determined as necessary, to be appointed by the Speaker upon the recommendation of the Secretary General; and

c) The necessary staff.

2/ The Deputy Secretary General and heads of departments shall be accountable to the Secretary General.

3/ The officials mentioned under sub article (1) (a) and (b) of this Article may not be governed   by the federal civil service laws, their work condition shall be determined by directive  to be issued by the Speaker .

4/ The Secretariat shall have parliamentary structure based on the decision of the Speaker.

5/  The Secretariat may have its own salary scale to be determined by the House of Peoples’ Representatives.

Power and Duty of the Secretary General

1/ The Secretary General shall be the chief executive officer of the Secretariat, and subject to general directive of the Speaker direct and administer the activities of the Secretariat.

2/ Without prejudice to the generality of the provision of sub article (1) of this Article the Secretary General shall:

a) Exercise the powers and duties of the Secretariat provided under Article 5 of this Proclamation;

b) Recommend the appointment and, administer the Deputy Secretary General and the heads of departments;

c) Employ and administer employees engaged in support services of the Secretariat in accordance with the federal civil service laws;

d) Prepare the work program and budget of the Secretariat and implement same upon approval;

e) Effect expenditure in accordance with the approved budget of the Secretariat, administer properties; 

f) Prepare and submit to the Speaker the performance and financial reports of the Secretariat;

g) Represent the Secretariat in its dealings with third parties.

3/ The Secretary General may delegate part of his powers and duties to other officers and employees of the Secretariat to the extent necessary for the efficient performance of the activities of the Secretariat

Power and Duty of the Deputy Secretary General The Deputy Secretary General shall:

1/ Lead the administrative sector of the Secretariat based on the general direction of the Secretary General;

2/ Act on behalf of the Secretary General in the absence of the latter;

3/ Perform other activities specifically assigned to him by the Secretary General.  

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